200pieces hot products microscope slides school accessories for Student biology Laboratory

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Place of Origin:
Henan, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
HYN--School accessories
microscope accessories
we are dirct factory
Biology lab
Educational supply
glass microscope slides
slides size:
Inner packing:
Plastic box
Outer packing:
foam inside the export carton
fresh and clear
Item name:
hot products microscope slides school accessories
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
microscope biology prepared slides packed in Neutral bleached paper carton
Packing specification:300 350 400mm
Standard: exporting standard Round cover glass Label there is English label on slides and boxes
shanghai shenzhen
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Shipped in 2 days after payment

200pieces hot products microscope slides school accessories for Student biology Laboratory 



Product Description

200pieces Good quality School Student Study Laboratory school microscope accessories

  • Set of 200 prepared  include  plant,animal and human tissue  slides, for use in biological education
  • Specimens preserved in cedar wood oil and sealed with a coverslip to preserves specimen and prevent contamination
  • Labeling provides specimen identification
  • Slides are composed of optical glass for clear viewing
  • Set comes in fitted plastic  storage box to prevent breakage and ease handling


What's include

200pieces hot products microscope slides school accessories for Student biology Laboratory 

1 Pig Adipose Cell w.m        
2 Mouse Cuboidal Epithelium sec.
3Dog Colurmar Epithelium sec.
4Dog columna Pseudo cillated epithelium sec.
5Paramecium-Conjugation w.m
6Paramecium-Fission w.m
7 Hydra l.s
8Hydra Plain and Budding w.m
9 Planaria c.s
10 Blood Fluke - Eggs w.m
11Taenia Pisiformis sec.
12Ascaris c.s
13 Mosquito-Female w.m
14Mole Cricket Leg w.m 
15Mantis Leg w.m 
16Dog Tongue l.s
17Dog Stomach Cardiac Region sec. 
18Dog Stomach Pyloric Region sec.
19Pig Liver sec.
20Rabbit Venae Cavac c.s 
21Mouse Kidney sec.
22Dog Urinary Bladder sec.
23 Human Skin - Hair - Follicle sec.
24Rabbit Ganglia sec. 
25Dog Olfactory Membrane sec. 
26Mouse Ovary sec
27Frog Spermatozoa (smear) 
28Bulgarious (smear)
29Lichen sec. 
30Maroharttis Archegortia l.s
31Marchantia Aritheridis l.s 
32Polytrichum w.m
33 Polytrichum Antheridia l.s
34Polytrichum Archegonis l.s 
35Fern Root c.s
36Fern Stem c.s
37 Fern Leaf - Sorus c.s 
38Pine Stem l.s
39Pine Cone-Female l.s
40 Vicia Faba Root, Tip l.s
41Ranunculus Root c.s 
42Pisum Seed l.s
43Stem - Cork Cell c.s 
44B43Nymphaea, s.t &c.s 
45Nymphaea of Apustio Stem c.s
46 Pelargonium, of Leaf c.s 
47 Striated Muscle c.s 
48Stem-Sieve Tube and Companion Cell l.s 
49Planaria w.m 
50 Dense Connective Tissue sec. 
51Loose Connective Tissue sec. 
52Aspergillus w.m 
53Lung-Injected (Rabbit) sec. 
54Kidney-Injected (Rabbit) sec.
55Trematodes- Miracidia w.m
56Mosquito - Male w.m 
57Mosquito Eggs w.m 
58Drosophila - Female w.m 
59Drosophila - Male w.m
60 Drosophila - Larva w.m 
61Drosophila - Chrysalis w.m 
62Frog - unsegmented egg sec. 
63Frog - Holoblastic Cleavage sec.
64Frog - Cleavage sec.
65Frog - Blastule sec.
66 Cucurbita w.m 
67Pine Pollen w.m 
68Plasmodesmata sec. 
69Silver Berry Scaly Hair w.m 
70 Peacock Feather w.m 
71 Dandelion Fuzz w.m 
72 Feather w.m 
73 Fibre w.m 
74House Fly Leg w.m 
75House Fly Wing w.m 
76Corn Starch w.m 
77Butterfly Leg w.m 
78Ascarid Egg w.m 
79Leaf of Winter Jasmine c.s 
80Frog - Early Gastrula sec. 
81Frog - Gastrula sec. 
82Ant w.m 
83Vegetable Pollen w.m 
84Silkworm Moth Antennae w.m 
85 Fruit c.s 
86Peach Worm w.m 
87 Butterfly Antennae w.m 
88Cotton Worm w.m 
89 Shrimp - Egg w.m 
90 Letter "E" w.m
91Root Bacteria c.s 
92Typical Animal Cell 
93Typical Plant Cell
94 Cotton Leaf c.s 
95 Cotton Stem c.s 
96Young Root of Broad Bean c.s 
97Soya Stem c.s 
98Silkworm Moth Larva w.m 
99Pea Pollen w.m 
100Ciliated Epithelium sec.
101 Human Cell Mucus Membrane (smear) 
102Frog Epidermic Cell sec. 
103Dog squamous Epitheblium w.m 
104 Paramecium w.m 
105 Hydra c.s 
106Earthworm c.s 
107Daphina w.m 
108 Mosquito Larva w.m 
109 Mosquito Mouth Parts w.m 
110 Honeybee Mouth Parts w.m 
111 Housefly Mouth Parts w.m 
112Honeybee Worker Leg-Composite w.m
113 Mosquito Wings w.m 
114Butterfly Wings Ocales w.m 
115Dragonfly Wings w.m 
116 Honeybee Wings w.m 
117Housefly Compound Eye w.m 
118 Honeybee Compound Eye w.m 
119 Dragonfly Compound Eye w.m 
120Dog Esophagus c.s 
121Dog Small Intestine sec. 
122Dog Stomach sec. 
123 Dog Duodenum c.s
124Dog Jejunum c.s 
125 Dog Ileum c.s 
126 Dog Rectum c.s 
127 Dog Spleen sec. 
128Dog Pancreas sec.
129Pig Gall Bladder sec.
130Rabbit Artery and Vein c.s 
131Rabbit Arteriole c.s 
132Blood smear(human)
133 Frog Blood (smear) 
134Fish Blood (smear) 
135 Rabbit Lymph Node sec.
136 Dog Trachea c.s 
137 Dog Ureter c.s 
138 Human Skin Sweat Gland sec. 
139Human Hair w.m 
140Feather w.m 
141Fish Scales w.m 
142Rabbit Hyaline Cartilage sec. 
143Dog Skeletal Muscle l.s & c.s 
144Dog Smooth Muscle l.s & c.s 
145 Dog Cardiac Muscle l.s 
146Pig Motor Nerve w.m 
147Rabbit Spinal Cord c.s 
148Dog Taste Buds sec. 
149Rabbit Testis sec. 
150Human Spermatozoa (smear) 
151Onion Epidermis w.m
152Hydrilla Verticillata Leaf w.m 
153 Rhoeo Disolor Leaf w.m 
154 Ipomoea Root w.m 
155 Tomato Flesh w.m 
156Pome Sclereid w.m 
157Mitosis - Onion Root Tip l.s 
158 Meiosis-Lillitrm Pollen u.m. 
159 Root-Meristem l.s 
160Stem-Collenchyma c.s 
161Stem-Parenchyma c.s 
162 Stem-Sclerenchvma c.s 
163 Stem-Tracheid l.s 
164Mixed Bacteria (smear) 
165 Coccus (smear) 
166Bacillus (smear) 
167Spirllum (smear) 
168Rhizopus w.m 
169Penicillium w.m
170Yeast-Budding w.m 
171 Coprinus Mushroom Set c.s 
172Chlamydomonas w.m 
173Volox w.m 
174Spirogyia Conjugation w.m 
175Euglena w.m 
176Marchrrtia Mature Sporophyte l.s 
177Fern, Leaf-Sorus w.m 
178 Fern Porthallia w.m 
179Fern Prothallia and Sporangia w.m 
180Pine Root c.s 
181 Pine Stem c.s 
182Pine Leaf c.s 
183Pine Young Staminate, Cone l.s 
184 Zea Root, Tip l.s 
185Zea Root c.s 
186 Zea Stem l.s 
187Cucurbita Stem l.s
188Zea Stem c.s 
189Rice Stem c.s
190Sunflower Stem c.s 
191 Pumpkin Stem c.s
192Tilia Stem c.s 
193eminal Bud Stem Tip l.s
194Poa Leaf c.s 
195 Ipomoea Leaf c.s 
196Stomata-Vicia Faba Leaf w.m 
197Lillium Ovary c.s 
198 Lillium Anther c.s
199Pollen Gem w.m 
200Zea Seed l.s 
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